Calgary Tower forced to fly Oilers colors on Monday.

Calgary Tower forced to fly Oilers colors on Monday.

The Calgary Tower will be flying blue and orange on Monday, the same day the Oilers will play in Game 2 of the SCF.

Jonathan Larivee

I love this story.

The Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers share the province of Alberta, Canada and along with it one of the most heated and bitter rivalries in the entire National Hockey League. The only thing fans of either team enjoy more than the success of their own team are the struggles of their rival, and it is for that reason that you would never expect one city to show support for the other when it comes to the sport of hockey.

That's why on Sunday, the Calgary Tower was forced to make a public service announcement in an effort to avoid throwing the city of Calgary into a state of unbridled rage. You see on Monday, when the Oilers will take on the Florida Panthers in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final, the Calgary Tower will be flying the Oilers colors of blue and orange.

So are they showing support for their rivals to the north? Of course not!

The public service announcement in fact was all about warning residents in Calgary that they were in fact NOT showing any support for the Oilers of any kind. Instead the Calgary Tower would go out of their way to make it clear that not only were they not supporting the Oilers on Monday, but that they would never support their Battle of Alberta rivals... ever.

"Just to be totally clear, the Calgary Tower will be lit Blue & Orange on Monday, June 10 for Action Anxiety Day – and for no other reason whatsoever," wrote the Calgary Tower in a tweet.

"We’ve got love for our neighbours to the north and all across this province, but no. Never."

As you might expect, Oilers fans have wasted no time pouncing on this and poking fun at their rivals in Calgary, insisting that they will in fact be supporting their rivals tomorrow.

It is good to see the rivalry is alive and well despite the Flames being on the sidelines until next season and it is even better to see it bring awareness to a good cause like Action Anxiety Day.