Cameras catch Barkov going crazy with the smelling salts.

Cameras catch Barkov going crazy with the smelling salts.

Aleksander Barkov went to the extreme with the smelling salts to get himself sharp for an afternoon game.

Jonathan Larivee

The New York Rangers and the Florida Panthers are clashing in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Final today but this one is a little atypical with the game starting early at 3 pm EST.

As a result the players have had to change their routines and do everything they can to be as well prepared as they can be for a game at a somewhat unusual time, as we've already seen some signs of those effects in the first period.

Not only did both teams look off at times, including a huge number of offsides for the Panthers in the opening period, but Panthers captain Aleksander Barkov was spotted going to the extreme to keep himself sharp.

Cameras were rolling as Barkov used some smelling salts on the bench, pretty typical behavior, but he would go to the extreme when he started applying the smelling salts to his eyes as well. It seems obvious that Barkov was trying to get himself, and his eyes, laser focused on the task at hand but it still caught many off guard.

Former NHL goaltender Kelly Hrudey admitted he had never seen anything like it before:

"I have never seen this, smelling salts of course, but never in the eyes," admitted Hrudey with a laugh.