Cameras catch Lemieux making brutal comments about Domi's sister!

Now that is crossing the line.

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If you're a fan of the New York Rangers I think that it is safe to say that forward Brendan Lemieux, a player recently acquired by the Rangers in a trade with the Winnipeg Jets at the National Hockey League's trade deadline for the 2018 - 2019 NHL regular season, comes exactly as he has been advertised. 

When the Rangers picked up the former Buffalo Sabres second round draft pick from the Jets via a trade there were two main selling points coming out of the deal from the perspective of the Rangers fan base. The first was word that the Rangers had actually had their eyes on Lemieux for some time now which indicated that this was a move they were very comfortable with and the other was that Lemieux would be the kind of player to bring a feisty nature to the Rangers roster, a nature that many have felt the Rangers have been lacking. There's no question that Lemieux is not a fun character to play against and this week he showed just how unlikable he can be for his opponents, perhaps giving too in depth a look into the kind of behavior he brings to the ice rink.

During the Friday night match up between the aforementioned Rangers and the Montreal Canadiens Lemieux found himself in a heated exchange with Montreal Canadiens forward Max Domi. Aside from the fact that both are the sons of former infamous NHL players with very bad attitudes of their own, both these young players come to play with a chip on their shoulder and it was no surprise at all to see them butting heads on the ice. It was once they came off the ice however that cameras caught some how heated some of the verbal exchanges between Lemieux and Domi got, and needless to say the dialogue was not fit for the eyes and ears of the young children who may have been watching at home.

In the video Lemieux can clearly be seen saying "I f*cked your sister," although Domi has more than one sister so who he is referring to here is unclear. Nonetheless that is the kind of comment that can easily result in things escalating very quickly and they also hearken back to an era of Rangers hockey that featured another notorious agitator, Sean Avery.

Whether or not that is a role Lemieux fills moving forward remains to be seen, for now I think he should be worried about a potential phone call from another, more senior, member of the Domi family.