Cameras catch touching moment between Letang and Jagr on Saturday.

Cameras catch touching moment between Letang and Jagr on Saturday.

A beautiful moment between two legendary Pittsburgh Penguins and it's all caught on camera.

Jonathan Larivee

This right here is what the sport of hockey is all about.

On Saturday, National Hockey League legend Jaromir Jagr made his return to Pittsburgh ahead of his jersey retirement ceremony and took the opportunity to hit the ice with the new flock of Pittsburgh Penguins that now make their home where he once did.

No doubt there will be several notable moments that will be discussed throughout the day due to Jagr's appearance, but perhaps none will be more touching than a moment that was shared between Jagr and Penguins defenseman Kris Letang during the Penguins morning skate today.

Letang, who idolized Jagr growing up, took the opportunity to effectively spill his guts to a man that he once worshipped as a hero, and maybe still does.

"I have to say something," said Letang to Jagr. "All my life I wore 68... obviously I was not gonna take 68 but 58 was close enough. It would be great for you to sign my jersey that I'm going to wear during the game tomorrow, because you were my guy growing up."

Jagr appeared to be deeply flattered by the compliments from Letang and could be heard laughing and smiling during the exchange, even cracking a joke about the fact that Letang would no longer be able to wear that number as a result of the jersey retirement ceremony.

"You cannot do that anymore," said Jagr with a laugh.

When it came down to autographing the jersey however, Jagr was all class.

"Of course," said Jagr. "You got it."