Can the Canucks once again make the playoffs?

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The All Star break gives NHL teams a chance to look at what they have done and what is ahead of them heading into the final stretch of the season in hopes of clinching a playoff birth.

As for the Canucks, there is work to be done and it will be an uphill battle. However, the Pacific division has been a little weak this season and that leaves the Canucks only 2 points behind the Arizona Coyotes for the final spot in the Pacific.

So there is hope for the Canucks but it won't be easy. If we take last seasons total points needed to clinch a playoff spot in the Pacific, the Flames had 97. The Canucks with their 51 points would then technically need at least 46 more points to reach the 97 point mark. So over the last 32 games of their season, the Canucks will need to go 23-9-0 if they want to reach that mark. It might seem like an impossible task but if the Canucks can pick up some big wins against divisional rivals and get some help, playoffs might be possible.

Either way, the youth movement is on in Vancouver and the future is looking bright!