Canada unveils coaching staff for 2025 World Juniors.

Canada unveils coaching staff for 2025 World Juniors.

Team Canada has unveiled its new coaching staff for the IIHF's 2025 World Juniors.

Jonathan Larivee

Each and every year the International Ice Hockey Federation's World Juniors proves to be among the most exciting hockey events on the calendar, and as always it sounds like the Canadian contingent will be well prepared for the tournament with Canada announcing its new coaching staff months in advance.

On Sunday afternoon, Hockey Canada unveiled what will be their coaching staff for the 2025 World Juniors tournament, naming a head coach, 3 assistants, a goaltending coach and a video coach via an official press release.

Leading up the coaching staff will be former Ottawa Senators and Calgary Flames head coach Dave Cameron, and he will be joined behind the bench by his assistants Sylvain Favreau, Mike Johnston, and Chris Lazary, while Justin Pogge will serve as goaltending coach and James Emery will serve as video coach.

That loads Canada's bench with considerable National Hockey League experience, with Johnston a former head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Pogge a former NHL goaltender for the Toronto Maple Leafs, albeit briefly. Cameron, Johnston and Favreau have also all won gold in the past while representing Canada as coaches at international events, making this a very experienced coaching staff indeed for this type of tournament.

Canada's National Junior Team will kick off a training camp later this month, although the tournament itself won't begin until the very end of the year on December 26th in Ottawa.