Canadian government to honor Maple Leafs in unique way

Put this in the “things you’ll only see in Canada” category…

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The Royal Canadian Mint, the federally owned and operated corporation responsible for the production and distribution of Canada’s money, has announced that they’re issuing a special, limited edition dollar coin, or “loonie”, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The coin will reportedly feature the Leafs logo prominently between a pair of crossed hockey sticks, one of the “vintage” variety and one of a more modern variety. No word yet on whether it’ll be modelled after the Bauer P92 that Auston Matthews used to pot 40 goals in his rookie campaign. 

While it may seem strange to put a professional sports team’s logo on official government tender, remember that this is Canada we’re talking about. The sport of hockey goes beyond just sport and is a large part of Canadian culture and the country’s identity.

Nevertheless, not all Canadians are Maple Leafs fans. It will be interesting to see how the new Leafs dollars are received from Canadians across the country. I can’t imagine too many Habs, Sens, Jets, Oilers, Flames or Canucks fans will be adding the limited edition coin to their fireplace mantle.