Canadians blasted for absurd price gouging

It costs HOW much to meet Youppi??



Just about everything has gone up in terms of price of late, but the Montreal Canadiens are drawing some considerable and understandable backlash for their reported asking price for photos with the team mascot, Youppi. 

The Canadiens have introduced a new "Fur on Demand'' package that will see the well-known mascot visit with season ticket holders in attendance at Bell centre while also delivering a personalized sign and a gift bag of Youppi merchandise. But here's the catch: it will cost nearly $200. 

The package includes: 

  • A brief but special in-seat visit from Youppi! during a Canadiens game personalized to one fan
  • One Youppi!-themed swag bag valued over $75.
  • Youppi! arriving with confetti and a sign customized for your occasion
  • A photo opportunity

And so far, it doesn't look like fans are very happy about the hefty price tag. 

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Source: Daily Hive