Canadiens aGM Trevor Timmins completely shuts downs when asked about Logan Mailloux.

A terrible look for the Canadiens.


The saga of 18 year old defenseman Logan Mailloux in the National Hockey League has not gotten off to the start that he would have wanted and it certainly has not gone well for the Montreal Canadiens, the team that made the controversial decision to draft Mailloux in the first round.

While this has been a very polarizing topic over the last few days, it got much worse on Saturday after Canadiens assistant general manager Trevor Timmins gave what may have been the worst possible response imaginable on the topic of Mailloux. Every member of the Canadiens front office should have fully expected to be grilled on this topic, and it may very well be that Timmins was prepared, but when he was asked a rather tough question by a reporter over the weekend he simply sat there in stunned silence.

I think I counted a solid 20 seconds here of stunned silence on the part of Timmins, something that tells me that the Canadiens aGM was clearly not fully comfortable with the acquisition of this young man in the first round.

This is what they mean when they say that silence can be deafening.

Now to be clear I have taken serious umbridge with the bandwagon of journalists trying to crucify this kid for a horrible mistake he made when he was 17 years old. Some outlets have simply labeled Mailloux a "sex offender" which while technically correct, Mailloux admitted his guilt and this in turn led to a fine in Swedish court, paints an incomplete and intentionally misleading picture of what the young man actually did. 

After a sexual encounter with a young woman Mailloux, without her consent, took a picture of her and used it to brag of his conquest to his fellow teammates. It was a horrible and disgusting thing to do to a young woman and there's no question that Mailloux should be punished for his actions, and he was under Swedish law and in a Swedish court. Should it be the kind of mistake, when made at 17 years old, that destroys his ability to have a career or live out a relatively normal life? I think you will find yourself much more hard pressed to make that case in this particular circumstance.