Canadiens celebrate 1M fans on twitter and it goes horribly wrong.

The Canadiens win fail of the year, there's no question about it.

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As bad as the Montreal Canadiens have been on the ice, and it's been absolutely catastrophic at times, nothing will be as bad as this insane off the ice failure that is occurring live as we speak.

The Canadiens wanted to find a special way to thank their fans after their twitter account reached one million followers, so of course they decided it would be a terrific idea to tell their fans to retweet a message, and they would get a special personalized thank you from the Montreal Canadiens. That thank you would come in the form of the person's twitter handle, as that is how they would identify the people retweeting them.

Well the result wasn't what was expected, and instead of being a genuinely good promotion for the Habs, they got people who created the most offensive user names possible on twitter, which of course the Canadiens twitter account was only too happy to message, oh and they came with lovely personalized jerseys as well.

Here's a look at some of the more outrageous things that came from the Canadiens twitter account this evening.

And trust us there was much worse, but we just didn't feel it was right to share some of the more insanely over the top and offensive ones, but you can take a look for yourself on the Canadiens twitter feed.