Canadiens take over another Ontario landmark, this time it's Niagara falls.

The Canadiens continue their takeover of Ontario.


The Montreal Canadiens are the only Canadian franchise that remain in the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs and that is earning them quite a lot of praise right now, even from some very unexpected sources. 

Fans in Ontario are no doubt very unhappy that they have seen tributes for the Canadiens cropping up left and right in recent days and on Sunday night we once again saw another major Ontario landmark usurped by the Canadiens and their deep run into the playoffs. This time around it was the Niagara Falls that paid tribute to the Habs and their run of success, lighting up the falls in the red, white, and blue colors traditionally sported by the Canadiens franchise. Although the imagery may draw disgust from fans in Ontario who traditionally support either the Toronto Maple Leafs or Ottawa Senators, two teams that are located within the province, I must admit that it created a truly breathtaking sight.

Here is an image of the falls courtesy of Niagara Parks on social media:

We also got another look at the majestic sight of the falls lit up thanks to a Canadiens fan that made his way over to the falls and snapped a picture of his own. His caption for the image contained only a short message "It's beautiful" as well as a short hashtag. #GHG, which of course is shorthand for Go Habs Go. Here's a look at that picture which he kindly published on social media as well:

This must feel like having salt rubbed into the wound for fans in Ontario, especially true for fans of the Maple Leafs who had high hopes for a deep playoff run of their own only to be thwarted by the aforementioned Canadiens, and unfortunately this is not the first time that a landmark in Ontario has been taken over by the Canadiens. Just a few days earlier the CN Tower, which is located in Toronto itself, was lit up with the colors of the Canadiens as well. 

Of course it is wonderful to see all of Canada getting behind the one Canadian team with any hope remaining in the playoffs, but I suspect this won't go over so well everyone.