Cancer free Oskar Lindblom credits girlfriend with forcing him to visit doctor for diagnosis

Life lesson: Always listen to your woman, guys. She might even save your life.

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In case you missed the news last week, Philadelphia Flyers forward Oskar Lindblom OFFICIALLY rung the bell at Penn Medicine’s cancer ward signalling the end of his treatments. With the bell run, Oskar is now cancer free!

Check it out:

Fantastic news! 

The 23 year old forward was our course taken out of the Flyers’ lineup back in December when he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. He has spent the 6 months aggressively treating the cancer and has earned himself a Masterton Trophy nomination from the Flyers for his efforts. More than that though, he has a healthy future ahead of him. And he can thank his girlfriend Alma Lindqvist for that.

In an exclusive interview with Swedish language publication Expressen, Lindblom credits Lindqvist for initially pressuring him to see a doctor before his diagnosis and then supporting him during his treatment.

From Expressen translated to English:

It was Alma who persuaded Oskar to seek medical attention and do an examination since he discovered a bump on one leg. 
“I thought it had to do with a hit I had in connection with any NHL game, but Alma wanted me to go and check it out,” recalls Lindblom. “So I did it and after an X-ray examination and a biopsy came the message after a few days. I had been hit by Ewing’s sarcoma and then everything went fast. I’m really glad she forced me to go to the doctor.”

Life lesson, guys: Listen to your woman. She could end up saving your life.

Lindblom is, of course, appreciative of the support he has received from his teammates, from fans and from the hockey world in general, but no one’ support means more than Lindqvist’s.

“It has meant a lot,” Lindblom says to Expressen. “My girlfriend Alma has pulled a big load, especially since the corona crisis came in March and my family back home in Sweden could no longer come over. But now that I’m done with the treatment and living just ten minutes from the hospital, she could go home this weekend. I can handle myself now. Maybe I’ll also go home to Sweden later this summer, we’ll see,” says Oskar.

From hockey fans everywhere: "Thank you, Alma!"