Canucks’ Adam Gaudette kicked his wife in the head at their wedding!

Gaudette’s wife shared the embarrassing mishap on TikTok… she could blame the concussion!

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Your wedding is something you will remember all of your life, however, we can’t say that Vancouver Canucks’ Adam Gaudette and his wife will want to remember everything what took place that night… 

Gaudette and his now-wife Micaela love to have a good time and a good laugh. However, Gaudette ended up making his lovely bride cry on their wedding day when he attempted a shirtless lapdance as part of the wedding reception. 

The 24-year-old is clearly more agile on skates, he who attempted to turn and put his leg over her head, he instead caught her square in the jaw. The incident was all caught on tape as a Tik Tok meme that uses the song  “Oh No” by Capone  to capture a disastrous moment.

Check it out and try not to cringe : 

Micaela captioned this, “How my husband ruined our wedding part 1” as if this is a multi-part series of the many, many ways that Gaudette ruined their wedding. 

We couldn’t help but laugh, though we feel awful for the poor girl who admitted that she had to go and cry a little bit in the bathroom. 

“I think I have a concussion,” says Micaela while laughing, as she heads off to the bathroom to cry. You can also hear hew own mother laughing uncontrollably at her daughter getting kicked in the face. You can hear it all in this version of the video: 

Miceala has been adamant that Gaudette felt “insanely bad.” Now, that’s what you’re supposed to feel when you roundhouse kick your wife in the face immediately after getting married. 

However, it reportedly didn’t stop Gaudette and his wife from partying with their friends “until 8am,” though we hope she got that concussion looked at by professionals afterwards. 

As you may have suspected, the video has since gone viral on social media. The event took place back in June, but we now get to see what really happened at the party. We are sure that if Miceala did suffer a concussion, symptoms might be a thing of the past now a few months later. Let's hope so. 

There is no doubt their wedding reception was memorable for everyone involved.