Canucks’ Andrei Kuzmenko’s vacation isn’t what you'd expect!

You gotta love the attitude!

Published 8 months ago
Canucks’ Andrei Kuzmenko’s vacation isn’t what you'd expect!
Dan Milstein

Vancouver Canucks forward Andrei Kuzmenko is enjoying the summer, though his definition of vacation doesn’t ressemble mine. The winger revealed before the offseason how he was not returning to Russia in the summer and was planning to travel the globe, and recent updates have shown him traveling in Venezuela, Brazil, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and Indonesia.

However, Kuzmenko has recently settled in Bali, only to start a demanding training ahead of the 2023-24 season.

His agent Dan Milstein sharing videos showcasing his client’s regimen in which we can see Kuzmenko finding creative ways to work out in Bali.

In different impressive videos, Kuzmenko is seen doing one-legged squats while holding what looked to be a chunk of wood wrapped with a rope. Some focus on Kuzmenko’s physique; others on the beautiful Indonesian landscape in the background. He is also filmed racing up a flight of outdoor stairs in the tropical locale, with Milstein adding that his client is “taking over Bali.”

Last week, more footage of Kuzmenko emerged from Milstein as he posted: “Our client’s wish is our command. When [Kuzmenko] wanted to vacation in Bali, we were tasked with finding and providing on- and off-ice training. The best in the business were dispatched to Indonesia to prepare our friend for the upcoming season.”

He can be seen working out with a personal trainer:

Kuzmenko scored 39 goals, 35 assists, and 74 points last season, and with the devotion he is putting into his summer training, we can only expect he will pick up where he left off when the campaign kicks off in October.


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Source: Dan Milstein