Canucks get some bad news regarding injured forward Baertschi

Enough already! Make it stop!

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According to a Swiss-German language newspaper, Vancouver Canucks forward Sven Baertschi is nowhere near being ready to return to the team’s lineup and is still suffering the effects of a brutal concussion suffered early in the season.

Check out these translated comments, courtesy of Reddit user skyoneder:

The doctor diagnosed a concussion, from which Bärtschi has not recovered to this day. "I'm not sure if it's the fourth or fifth concussion in my career. In any case, it got me really hard this time. "
"Last Saturday I returned to training in Vancouver for the first time since October 24th. But I had to stop this exercise after 15 minutes, because I was so dizzy. As soon as I move and turn properly, I see everything around me completely blurry and have a headache. "
Bärtschi can therefore not estimate when and if he can even play this season again. "A concussion can be cured after one and a half weeks, but it can take months. In this situation, I have no choice but to wait and think positive in spite of everything. "
The future paternal role is also a reason why Bärtschi does not want to rush things in this sport, difficult phase. "If I returned to the game too soon after the injury, it could be more serious. And that's a too high price for me, after all, I also want to be able to enjoy my life after my hockey career with my family. "

Oh man… that does NOT sound good. The Canucks are obviously reeling lately with seven losses in a row and could desperately use a scorer like Baertschi in their lineup.