Canucks GM gives embarrassing excuses for team’s struggles in lamest conference ever!

Fans are demanding he be fired now!


If you’re an emotional Vancouver Canucks fan, please don’t reading now, because what follows is only going to anger you. 

On Friday, Canucks general manager Jim Benning met with reporters to talk about his team’s latest struggles and where to go from here, thankfully after a win over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday night. Fans and pundits have been waiting to see changes coming to Vancouver to better the club before it’s too late. However, Benning had the most embarrassing answer to why he hasn’t made any moves lately in order to boost his roster. 

Benning explained how they “have to figure this out from within” because it would take three weeks to get a new player up to speed: 14 days for quarantine and then a period where he regains proper conditioning.

Face palm.

Fans couldn’t believe he went that route to explain his lack of actions amidst the team’s struggles. Many of them went on social media to demand that Benning be fired today. Well, that would be a move from the Canucks that could get the team back on track.

The GM started trending on Twitter because of his ridiculous answers to the reporters’ questions. It’s like Benning himself wants to be fired… 

He went on to give stupid answers when he came to captain Bo Horvat’s play, the plan for the future and the start of the season. Here are some samples here, quite entertaining: 

Double face palm.

Here is the full conference, if you dare watch it: