Canucks hit by biology yet again!

It's not even the mumps!

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Forest Gump used to say that ''Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you'll get''. Well, these days the Canucks are stuck with the weird looking chocolate bars left in your grandma's basement for 10 years. Well, the analogy sucks, but you understand the point. 

We just learned that Chris Tanev and Mikael Granlund will be out for tonight's game against the Penguins due to food poisoning. Apparently, both guys ate at the same place and the chef was a bit careless about his food handling. 

They will be back for Mondays' game against the Bruins, most probably.

Alex Grenier will play with the Sedins tonight. Yep, you read that well. Although the Quebecer is doing fine this year with the Utica Comets, he's still an AHLer that was recalled only 2 games ago. 

This new event adds to an already disappointing season, with lots of players hit by the mumps lately and an injured roster strong enough to win an average NHL game.