Canucks issue statement on Boudreau, get destroyed by their own fans.

What a terrible mistake.

Jonathan Larivee

At this very moment in time, the Vancouver Canucks may be among the most reviled organization's in all of professional sports.

Over the course of the last several weeks the Canucks, owner Francesco Aquilini, president Jim Rutherford, and general manager Patrik Allvin have all been taken to task over the way they have treated now former Canucks head coach Bruce Boudreau. It has been abundantly clear that fan sentiment has been on the side of Boudreau throughout this entire fiasco, but it is as if the Canucks are simply oblivious to how bad the optics have been for their team or simply don't care.

On Sunday, the Canucks finally put an end to the Boudreau saga when they officially announced that Boudreau had been fired and that new coaches would be brought in, and with that came a rather typical statement from the team.

From the Canucks:

Your dedication and passion for the game have created a lasting impact on the Vancouver Canucks and our community.

Thank you, Bruce.

The statement was typical but the situation involving Boudreau is anything but and the Canucks should have realised how poorly this would read, but again they appear oblivious to it all.

Since releasing the statement the Canucks have been torn apart by their own fans in one of the most vitriolic responses I have ever seen to a farewell post on social media. Here are just some of the example I can actually share with you: