Canucks owner takes to social media to call out his own fans!

Another classic “Foot in Mouth” moment from Francesco Aquilini.

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Vancouver Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini has made no-shortage of headlines in his time with the team. 

Throughout the years Aquilini has been blamed by the team’s fanbase for the ill-advised hiring of John Tortorella, the trading of star goaltender Cory Schneider and the signing of nearly half a dozen overpaid free agents. Oh… and he was sued by his own workers for allegedly facilitating inhumane working conditions.

At the same time, the Canucks have experienced their most success under Aquilini’s watch. In other words: Canucks fans have a complicated relationship with their team’s owner.

You know what won’t help Aquilini’s plight with his fanbase though? Calling them out as haters for this past offseason’s J.T. Miller trade.

Check it out:

For those who don’t remember, the Canucks were absolutely LAMBASTED this past offseason when they acquired Miller from the Tampa Bay Lightning for the princely sum of a 1st round pick, a 3rd round pick and minor league goalie Marek Mazanec.

So what’s Miller done since then?

He’s put up 12 goals and 28 points in his first 28 games as a Canuck. Oh… and he’s arguably been their best and most consistent player this season. Bad trade? Not even close and Francesco has no problems sharing that.