Canucks respond to accusations of 'discrimination' from Rachel Doerrie.

Canucks respond to accusations of 'discrimination' from Rachel Doerrie.

Canucks share their side of the story.

Jonathan Larivee

The Vancouver Canucks were hit with a bit of a curveball on Sunday evening when former Canucks employee Rachel Doerrie went public with her accusations of discrimination against the franchise.

Many of the accusations that were leveled by Doerrie were directed towards Vancouver Canucks assistant general manager Emilie Castonguay, and as a result both the Canucks and Castonguay herself have now responded to the public accusations made by Doerrie on Sunday night. Unsurprisingly both parties have issued a complete denial of Doerrie's version of events, and this now appears to be turning into a legal matter very quickly.

Statement from Emilie Castonguay, Assistant General Manager Vancouver Canucks:

"I take a lot of pride in my work with the Vancouver Canucks, being a good leader, a person of high moral character, and always respecting and putting my co-workers first. These allegations by Ms. Doerrie are absolutely not true and her allegations of what I said to her are false and inaccurate. At no time was Ms. Doerrie treated differently due to gender, a mental disability or a physical condition. As this is a legal matter, I will not make any further comments and will respect the process"

Statement from Canucks Sports & Entertainment:

"We strongly disagree with the allegations brought forth by Ms. Doerrie. Our organization provided Ms. Doerrie with all the necessary resources, support and opportunities to succeed in her role. We acted in good faith and abided by our contractual obligations, both during and after Ms. Doerrie's employment with the organization.
As this is a legal matter, we will respond accordingly at the proper time."

Of course only one side can be telling the truth here and it sounds like everyone involved in this story may get the chance to test their version of the truth in court.