Canucks’ Sutter fires back at Laine for team Fortnite ban comments

Video game brawl! It's a classic nerd showdown!

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Oh Fortnite… can this fad just pass already so we can go back to talking about hockey instead of video games?

In case you missed it, Vancouver Canucks forward Bo Horvat set off a mild controversy in Vancouver yesterday, as confirmed that the team has a “no video games” policy when travelling on the road. Video games and in particular the game Fortnite seems to be a craze with young NHLers these days, so much so that players are staying up into the wee hours of the evening playing the game and putting their team at a disadvantage. 

Winnipeg Jets sniper Patrik Laine is an avid Fornite player and couldn’t help himself from weighing in on the Canucks’ ban saying that the team “needed something to blame after last season.”

Check it out:

Patrick Laine on Vancouver Canucks Fortnite ban: “I think they just needed something to blame after last year.”

Ouch… how’s that feel, Canucks fans? One Canuck, forward Brandon Sutter, took exception with Laine’s comments and fired back during an interview with Sportsnet 650 radio in Vancouver earlier today.

Check it out:

Brandon Sutter live in studio on SN 650 on Laine comment : “It’s none of his bussiness at all. We would never have anyone in our room say something like that when they are 21 years old.”

Sutter: If it was my teammate I would definitely say something to Laine. it is just unnecessary and in a way he is adding more fuel to our fire so in that aspect we thank him a lot.

Boys… boys… we’re talking about video games here. No need to escalate things…

Really though, shouldn't these guys be more concerned with other things? Sutter's teammate Jake Virtanen put it best when asked what he thought about Laine's comments when he responded, "Whatever. I don't really care what he says." Well said, well said.

As for Sutter, he played a strong game for the Canucks in their season opener last night, helping the Canucks to a 5-2 victory over the visiting Calgary Flames. Canucks rookie Elias Pettersson absolutely stole the show, scoring a goal and adding an assist in his NHL regular season debut. For the full game highlights, including Pettersson's incredible goal, check out the video below: