Canucks troll the Predators moments before Game 1.

Canucks troll the Predators moments before Game 1.

The Vancouver Canucks were playing some mind games early in Game 1 against the Nashville Predators.

Jonathan Larivee

The Vancouver Canucks may have pulled off one of the more subtle troll jobs of the Stanley Cup playoffs thus far, and not everyone seems to have connected the dots.

On Sunday night, the Canucks welcomed the Nashville Predators to Rogers Arena in Vancouver, B.C. and prior to the puck dropping in Game 1 they were already playing mind games with their opponents. The Canucks rolled back the clock to their 2011 Stanley Cup playoff run and brought back an intro song that will be familiar to long time Canucks' fans as they entered the ice to 'Where the Streets have no name.'

Now you might be asking, in what way is bringing back an old intro song a trolling of the Nashville Predators?

The Predators were not looking like a playoff team in the month of February and so disappointed was head coach Andrew Brunette in the team's play that he put his foot down and cancelled a planned team activity. That activity was of course a trip to a U2 concert at The Sphere in Las Vegas. The decision from Brunette was a controversial one but it proved to be the right one, with the Predators drastically turning their fortunes around and squeezing into the Stanley Cup playoffs come April.

As it turns out that old intro song from the Canucks, 'Where the Streets have no name' is of course performed by that very same band, U2.

It was a terrific and very subtle jab at their opponents on Sunday night and one that kicked off the psychological warfare that can go on in the playoffs before the game even officially got underway.