Capitals are the first team to hit the ice in preparation for 2020-21 NHL season

They’re back on the ice!

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It might be election night in Washington and across America, but there is something else exciting happening in Arlington as the Capitals became the first team on Tuesday to hit the ice in preparation for the 2020-21 NHL season. 

The Capitals themselves posted a short video on their Twitter account of a few of their players hitting the ice as voluntary skates are back underway in Arlington. 

On the short footage, we can see forwards Carl Hagelin and Garnet Hathaway in action. The Caps are the first team to officially hit the ice and we can’t wait to see if other clubs will get going in the coming weeks. 

Nothing is certain when it comes to the 2020-21 campaign with this COVID-19 pandemic as latest reports suggest that some owners have approached NHL commissioner Gary Bettman with the purpose of discussing the possibility of shutting down the 2020 - 2021 season entirely to avoid financial catastrophe. If the owners are coming forward to make these types of suggestions than I think it is safe to say that things are considerably worse than we had imagined.

But it is encouraging to see the Capitals back on the ice and focused on the possibility that we could still get a 2020-21 season with a possible 48-game season, which is considered the absolute minimum at this point.

Fingers crossed at this point. We will keep watching these Caps in action in the meantime!