Capitals blind Joonas Korpisalo using the power of the sun!

Capitals blind Joonas Korpisalo using the power of the sun!

The Washington Capitals find a creative way to get an advantage on Sunday night.

Jonathan Larivee

The Washington Capitals have found a way to get a creative advantage over opposing goaltenders.

On Sunday night, Ottawa Senators netminder Joonas Korpisalo fell victim to what in reality was just an unfortunate circumstance, but one that did create a rather hilarious perception of a genuine home field advantage for the Capitals.

As Korpisalo was attempting to guard the Senators net, the sun began to beam right into his face from one of the entrances into the seating area. Korpisalo didn't have to do much to convince anyone of what was happening, the Senators goaltender could be seen quite literally glowing a golden yellow as he stood between the pipes.

Adding to the obvious nature of the problem was the official skating over and immediately having to raise his hand to protect his eyes from the sun that was beaming down on him from that very same entranceway.

It all made for a rather amusing scene on the ice:

As you can see from the still photo below, I'm not exaggerating when I say that Korpisalo was glowing in his net: