Capitals GM admits he would consider trading Ovechkin.

Shocking talk from NHL GM.

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Washington Capitals general manager Brian MacLellan turned a lot of heads earlier today when he surprisingly revealed that he wasn't discounting the possibility of a trade involving superstar forward Alex Ovechkin somewhere in the future. 

While MacLellan began by saying that he doesn't "think it makes sense from an organizational point of view," he would also later add that should the right deal come along, it is not a scenario he would discount out of hand, although he did add that he doesn't foresee it happening in the near future.

"Maybe at some point if there's a legitimate hockey deal that came available, but I don't know that's where we're at right now.:"

The reality of the situation for MacLellan is that Ovechkin sells tickets and sells merchandise for the Capitals and despite a potential hockey deal, ownership would have to justify the financial hit they would be taking in such a move as well. 

That being said, it's extremely rare to hear a National Hockey League general manager talk so openly about the potential of moving a player like Alex Ovechkin and that in of itself could be quite telling.