Capitals on crisis management mode.

Such mystery.

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The Washington Capitals faced the Anaheim Ducks yesterday in California. The Caps were very well motivated to get out a 3 game slump that showed lackluster efforts on their part. It was not meant to be, as the team lost 5-2 in a one sided match against a very decisive flock of angry birds. 

That 4th defeat in a row had people scratching their heads in and out the locker room. Apparently, it was time for crisis management mode. 

It might seem trivial, but hockey teams open their locker room doors very quickly most of the time after a game. When the doors are kept shut, you know important stuff is to be discussed. Obviously, we won't know what was being said, but you don't need to be an oracle to guess the content of the discussions in there. 

One of the obvious reason is this. 

The Caps are still the favorite to win the cup, but a losing streak approaching the beginning of the playoffs is worrisome. The team will face the Minnesota Wild on Tuesday. Both teams are ranked first and second in Stanley Cup winning chance, so it might very well be a rehearsal of the Cup finals. It will be very interesting to see if both team will snap out of their slowing pace.