Capitals perform awkward remake of The 12 Days of Christmas

If you can watch it without cringing, you deserve a medal!

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Players all across the National Hockey League are celebrating Christmas and the holidays, and it's no different for the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Washington Capitals. 

The team decided to post a video of many of its players signing their own rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas and now the song is available for everyone to watch on the Twitter account of the Capitals themselves. 

Honestly, while we get that we are all in the Christmas spirit and all for having a blast, the performance of captain Alex Ovechkin and his teammates is far from championship material. 

If you can watch the entire video without cringing, you deserve a medal! 

Listen, if it’s the first day of Christmas and your true love is already giving up a cup made by Lord Stanley, you have found the one. Let's see if this remake will help the Caps pull a repeat this spring when the playoffs kick off!