Capitals, Preds and Kings issue statements on recent protests.

NHL teams respond top civil unrest.

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The United States of America has been experiencing some rather unprecedented civil unrest over the past several days, unrest that has dominated the headlines and consumed the attention of the nation as a whole. Unsurprisingly given that this has been such a monumental happening across the United States it has resulted in several professional athletes stepping forward and sharing their thoughts on the matter, but up until now there has been relatively little said by the professional sports franchises those athletes play for. 

Over the weekend however some teams began to issue statements regarding these intense protests across the nation, and I suppose that should come as little surprise given that many of these protests have started to take place in the cities that many of these teams call home. One of the first teams to speak out on the matter was the Los Angeles Kings organization who released the following statement:

I should also give credit to the Nashville Predators here as they released their statement almost at the same time as the Los Angeles Kings did, although in the case of the Predators the statement was much more extensive. In the case of the Predators they called on the protestors to do so peacefully, no doubt sound advice given the fact that there have already been far too many lives lost and destroyed as a result of some of the violence that we have seen taking place in various cities across the country over the past several nights.

Last but not least the Washington Capitals also released a statement a little later this evening. The Capitals did not themselves directly make the statement but the parent company that owns the team, Monumental Sports and Entertainment, did take to social media and issued a statement of their own. I have no doubt that the following statement does in fact reflect the views and the values of the Capitals organization as Monumental Sports and Entertainment is heavily involved with the team.

If you do go out and protest please do so peacefully both your own personal safety and for the safety of those around you.