Capitals' T.J. Oshie hints at his future in the NHL

Will the veteran forward be back for another kick at the can?

Michael W.

The stay of the Washington Capitals in the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs was a short one, as they were eliminated in four straight games by the New York Rangers. It brought to an end a season of ups and downs by the Capitals, who won one of the more bizarre postseason chases in recent memory by earning the final Wild Card spot in the Eastern Conference over three other teams. 

And while most eyes right now are on aging Capitals star captain and franchise icon Alex Ovechkin, there is also speculation regarding the future of veteran T.J. Oshie with the team.

Oshie, who has dealt with multiple injurious throughout this career and especially in recent years, wasn't fully committal to returning next season despite having one more year on his contract. 

But understandably, it's all depending on his health and whether his body will be able to go through the rigors of another NHL campaign.

"But I will need to come back with somewhat of a guarantee that my back won't be, you know, it's hard putting everyone through this situation," Oshie said.

"So I'd like to find a just an answer and a fix to the problem before making another run soon."

It was also revealed that Oshie had been playing in the postseason with a broken hand, adding another testament to the toughness and mental fortitude that professional hockey players are known for. 

Oshie managed 12 goals and 13 assists in the 56 games that he played in this most recent season, his 16th in the League that has been split between the Capitals and the St. Louis Blues. 

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Source: Sportskeeda