Capitals take brutal shot at Sidney Crosby on social media!

The rivalry is still alive during the NHL pause!

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The Washington Capitals are doing their best to keep their fans entertained during the NHL shutdown and they found the best way possible on Tuesday evening! 

As you remember, Capitals’ Alex Ovechkin and Pittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney entered the stage as rookies together in 2005 after the lockout, but we can understand why Caps fans would have prefer Ovi to shine on his own. 

That’s why the Capitals had some fun with their TikTok app and went on to fully erasedSid over a sound that’s currently going viral on the app…

You have to admit the set-up is quite creative and the voice over is simply perfect for what the Caps are trying to convey when it comes to Sid. 

“This like, balcony was in the way, it was so annoying.”

The Caps are on their TikTok game lately, but we have to admit this one is hard to top. 

We wonder if some Penguins fans want to do the same thing with Ovechkin when it comes to that 2005 picture…