Caps’ Wilson goes for a handshake, gets DENIED

This kid is 100% savage. Must be a Pens fan.

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Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson is one of the most divisive players in all of hockey. If you’re a Caps fan, or a fan of old school hitting hockey, chances are you’re a Wilson fan. If you’re a Pittsburgh Penguins fan or just generally who doesn’t like the brand of hockey that Wilson plays, chances are your’e a Wilson hater.

No matter where you stand on Wilson though, you can’t help but laugh at this next story. 

Earlier this week, Wilson and some of his teammates surprised students at Hendley Elementary school in Washington D.C. by delivering 75 laptops and 45 tablets to the school.

While visiting, Wilson and his his teammates hung out with the some of the students to do the whole “meet and greet” thing. One young fan though was having absolutely NO part of it. 

Check it out:

DENIED! This kid MUST be a Pens fan! I’m not sure what I like best, him denying Wilson or the look on his face. Either way, it’s priceless!