Carey Price and his family are leaving Quebec.

Carey Price and his family are leaving Quebec.

This doesn't bode well for the future.

Jonathan Larivee

There's little doubt that Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price envisioned his career ending on his own terms, but as more and more time goes by without any indication that Price will be able to one day return to the ice, it is starting to look less and less like that is going to be possible.

Over the weekend the reality that Price's time as a National Hockey League goaltender truly sank in for some fans of the Montreal Canadiens as Price's wife, Angela Price, made quite a few revelations about the family's future plans via her Instagram. Angela was fielding questions from fans and shared a great many details about what is coming next for her, Carey, and their children.

Question: Are you and the family going to be back in Montreal next year?

"It looks like we will be making the move to Kelowna after this hockey season, when Liv [the couple's eldest child] finishes school," admitted Angela on Instagram.

This of course could be interpreted as a decision for Angela and the children, but the next question and the subsequent answer made it seem clear that Carey would be headed back to Kelowna with the family as well.

Question: Will you put your house up for sale at the end of this season?

"Yes we will," confessed Angela. "It's going to be hard to say goodbye to this house and especially our neighbors."

While this does sound like a plan for a permanent move on the part of the Price family it does sound like they intend to be back in Montreal on something of a regular basis. Angela indicated that the family expects to come visit the city, for one reason or another, fairly often.

"I feel like we will come back for visit quite a bit," said Angela Price.

I wish Carey, Angela, and their children all of the best on their next chapter in Kelowna.