Carey Price calls out his team, but insider points the finger at Carey Price.

Insider believes the buck stops at Price.

Carey Price calls out his team, but insider points the finger at Carey Price.

Despite being first in the Atlantic division the Candiens have been in a bit of a tailspin as of late and considering the collapse the Habs went through last season, for some it's already a cause for concern.

The Habs have already been fielding questions about their struggles and when the team's top star Carey Price was asked about their struggles he painted with a broad brush, putting the onus on the entire team.

"We seemed to have lost our identity," said Price.

When Sportsnet insider Elliotte Friedman was asked about Montreal's issues as of late however, he very much put the focus on a single player, Carey Price.

“Well, the goalie isn’t right and he’s taking the team down with him is the best thing that I could probably say,” noted Friedmanas per Fanrag's Chris Nichols. “Carey Price just isn’t Carey Price and the team is going sideways with him. Until he gets sorted out, it’s tough to see that team going in the right direction because while Al Montoya is a good backup, I don’t how comfortable you’d feel about giving him a long run as the No. 1 guy.”

While a drop in performance from Price coming off such a major injury may be a source of concern for fans, Friedman appears to believe that Price's issues are more mental than physical at the moment.

“Price – it’s weird. He looks shell-shocked. He’s always very confident. He gives an air that he always kind of seems to know what’s going on and good or bad, he knows how to fix things. That’s completely gone right now."