Carey Price forced to defend family photo on social media.
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Carey Price forced to defend family photo on social media.

Carey Price comes under fire.

Jonathan Larivee

Fans of the Montreal Canadiens are known for being some of the most die hard in the sport of hockey, and quite frankly some of the most die hard in all of sports. The Canadiens fan base absolutely loves their hockey, but sometimes that passion can also go a little too far.

Unfortunately for Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price and his family they got an uncomfortable reminder of that fact over the weekend when a rather harmless family photo led to a controversy on social media. The photo, which was published by Carey's wife Angela, showed the family at ski hill enjoying the outdoors with their young daughter as they try to introduce her to winter sporting activities.

"Someone still isn’t convinced that winter sports are fun, but we are working on it," wrote Angela Price on her Instagram, accompanied by a photo of her not-so-thrilled looking daughter.

Now you might be wondering, why would this rather harmless looking family photo cause any drama at all? Well as it turns out there were some fans who took issue with Carey carrying a pair of ski poles on his person, leaping to the assumption that he was hitting the slopes in spite of his injury.

Carey however was merely carrying the sticks for his daughter, but it seems that the comments from fans got so bad that Angela Price felt compelled to post a response to clarify that Carey was in fact not skiing on that day, but merely accompanying his family.

"For all those DMs, no Carey can't ski," wrote Angela Price in her response. "Pray one day that he will be able to join us on the slopes though."

Carey Price forced to defend family photo on social media.