Carey Price made a huge mistake regarding his injury

Should we talk about a lack of respect?

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Claude Julien and Carey Price both said multiple times that the goalie's injury was minor and he would be back sooner than later. However, it's already been almost two weeks since we last saw the 30-year-old netminder suit up for a game. Some people are starting to wonder if the Habs told the whole truth to the fans and journalists about this story.

Sportsnet's Eric Engels mentioned that Price made an important mistake when he played against the Minnesota Wild on November 2. According to him, the #31 should've missed the game instead of playing with an injury. He also believes Price should've clarified his situation a bit earlier. Here's what he said:

"The one good move that he made here is that he put the brakes on when he wasn't feeling better. I wish he would've done that in Minnesota when he hurt himself during warm up and decided to play the whole game." 

Engels also believes Price should be completely honest with his team, in EVERY situation:

"A lot of people will say "yes, it's their nature they play hurt," but with this guy's history and with an $84-million contract that was just signed, you know he owes it to the team to tell them when he feels something in warm up, whether he feels injured or not or if he feels just slightly hurt. I think in retrospect, they'll look back and this and say "this is a teaching moment"."

Should we be talking about a lack of respect from Price towards the organization who gave him a huge contract a few months ago? Do you think the #31 should've been completely honest with his team right after the warm up?