Carey Price makes classy move for two boys who lost parents in Nova Scotia’s mass shooting

​What a kind gesture.

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Nova Scotia still attempts to recovery from the mass shooting claimed 22 lives late last month, and Canadians across the country are keeping all victims and their families in their thoughts. 

And Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price is amongst them. He recently reached out with words of support to 11-year-old Alex Blair and 10-year-old Jack Blair — two young brothers who, along with older brothers Tyler, 27, and Craig, 24, lost their parents Greg and Jamie in the tragedy.

The oldest of the siblings, Tyler, took to social media to share a heartfelt video Price sent the family.

“I just want to let you know that you’re not alone,” Price said to Alex and Jack. “I’m thinking about you, and you have a lot of people around you that care very deeply for you. It’s okay to talk to them about your feelings and what you’re going through.

“You can, and you will, get through this because of the character that was given to you by your parents. I’m hoping the very best for you guys in the future — good luck.”

Tyler took the time to let Price how great of an impact his words had on his younger brothers. 

“Hey [Carey Price], just want you to know how much this meant to my two little brothers. They are still in shock you said their names,” Blair wrote on Instagram . “You are an amazing person! And the best goaltender in the world just to top things off.”

The two boys now live with Tyler and his girlfriend Jade, along with their baby daughter Hayden, near Truro, N.S., according to The family are fans of the Habs, thanks to their father, who took them to a few games in Montreal growing up. Alex is a goaltender himself, his on-ice idol being Price, so you can only imagine how moved he was to get encouraging words from his favourite goalie. 

“They didn’t believe it was real at first. They’re still finding it hard to believe,” he told

“I don’t even know if we can put that into words. For my little brothers, they’ll remember that for the rest of their lives. They’ll have the video forever to watch whenever they want.”