Carey Price makes tough choice on returning to action

​Wow! His comments stunned a lot of fans…

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While he may be flattered to be seen as the difference-maker in the upcoming playoff tournament in which his Montreal Canadiens will face off against the Pittsburgh Penguins, star goalie Carey Price is mostly worried about the situation and everyone’s health. 

That’s natural, most people will say, however, the net minder’s comments in a media conference call on Thursday got some Habs fans a little nervous about what Price will choose to do in the end when play resumes. 

The NHL has confirmed that players can choose to stay home during the pandemic and not report to camp, and Price revealed how he respects players that will be able to make that tough decision. He talked about his family, how he does not want them to travel and be in possible danger during the pandemic, and how it’s hard to leave his kids behind, especially since they grow up so fast. 

A good friend of Price lost his mother, and the goalie knows all too well the danger of coronavirus. That’s why he wants to protect his family at this time. And you could tell, it’s weighing on his mind for the potential resumption of NHL activities. 

“Equal amount of optimism and pessimism. It’s a very unusual situation. I want the opportunity to play for a Stanley Cup but I want the opportunity to live life normally.”

“There’s no question in my mind that nobody would think less of anybody for bowing out. It’s a situation that’s above hockey… I’d have nothing but respect for that person. It would be a very difficulty decision to make.”

“It would be difficult to leave our families, no question. It’s a commitment to leave your children for a long period of time, especially when they’re growing so fast.”

Price is now skating in Washington State, but revealed that he has no shooters to practice with. He has not faced a shot for months now. On top of that, he is still unsure about his position when it comes to the league’s plan. 

Some fans joked that Price will be back home shortly anyway, predicting the Habs will quickly lose to the Penguins, however, the goalie appears focused for now, but still looking to make the best decision for his family.