Carey Price reacts to huge contract extension.

Price literally made it rain today.

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Today, the Habs announced they extended their star goalie Carey Price for a total of 8 additional years, for 84M$ total. This is a huge amount of money to drop on any player. Since his first blocs in Montreal, Price has been identified has the franchise player for years to come. Metaphorically, the Canadiens put the money where their mouths are today. 

Anyone promised such a huge amount of money would be ecstatic. Price is a different animal however and his first quote is hilariously humble. 

He was then asked if he thought he deserved that much money and he let slip a less humble one. 

Arguably, Price has been among the elite goalies for many years and he deserves the pay. However, that much money on a goalie is still questionable. The Habs still improved in other aspects of their lineup by acquiring Karl Alzner and Carey was pretty happy about it. 

In the end, Price is in Montreal to stay. If nothing chances, he will spend the vast majority, if not the entirety of his career in Montreal. Not many players can brag about that accomplishment nowadays.