Carey Price snaps at practice after shocking rumors of incriminating video surface.

Carey Price may be losing it.

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There are some disturbing reports involving Carey Price coming out of Montreal this morning.

First, if you missed our coverage earlier today Price has been linked to an incriminating video from a bar in Montreal, and has reportedly dispatched an attorney to take possession of that video, although to what end is still unclear at this time.

However the man who broke the story, Claude Poirier, has stated on 91,9 Sports that he has received confirmation from multiple police sources that this is indeed the case, although again how police are involved in this mess still remains unclear.

Now, according to a report from RDS, it appears that Price is showing signs of his frustration at practice today. Price reportedly allowed a goal from teammate Michael McCarron to get by him and responded by promptly smashing his stick against the goalpost, breaking it in the process.

While we still don't have all the details, something is clearly not right with Carey Price.