Carey Price to break his silence.

Carey Price to break his silence.

Price will speak publicly.

Jonathan Larivee

The Montreal Canadiens have been without their star goaltender for the entire 2021 - 2022 National Hockey League regular season and perhaps even worse for some is the fact that there has been a considerable amount of mystery regarding Price's condition.

Price took time off prior to the start of the season when he voluntarily entered himself into the NHL's Player Assistance Program, but his return from that program dates all the way back to November of last year. Since then Price has been sidelined in part due to a lingering injury, one that still does not have an official timetable for his recovery.

Given the level of importance that Price has for the Canadiens franchise and for their loyal fans there have been a number of questions surrounding his future with the team and his future in the NHL, but it sounds like those who have been patiently waiting may finally get some answers this weekend.

According to a report from Montreal Canadiens insider Arpon Basu, Carey Price is expected to break his extended media silence on Sunday when he will speak to members of the media prior to the Canadiens facing off against the Columbus Blue Jackets. I fully expect that there will be an announcement of some sort during that press conference, although what type of announcement that may be is anyone's guess at this time.

Some have speculated that Price will announce that he is to be shut down for the remainder of the 2021 - 2022 season in the hopes of making his return at 100% next season. While that would make sense given his long layoff this season and the terrible position the Canadiens currently find themselves in with just 8 wins through their first 43 games of the season, the truth is that no one really knows what the announcement will be at this time.

Arpon Basu has reassured the fans making some of the more ominous predictions regarding this announcement, suggesting that this isn't expected to be anything bad. Price is expected to speak at 6:15 pm on Sunday, and we will be reporting on the statements he makes during his availability.