Carrier throws a dirty hit from behind on Murphy, no call on the play

The officiating in this league... oof.


Rod Brind'Amour and John Tortorella. What does these fiery NHL head coaches have in common? Both of them have been critical of the league's officiating through just two games in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Brind'Amour went so far as to call the league "a joke" and that the official's work in Game 1 of his team's series against the Boston Bruins was a "crime scene."

I've got to admit... Rod and Torts are 100% correct. 

The officiating thus far has been inconsistent if nothing else. I mean... just check out this hit from today's game between the Vegas Golden Knights and Chicago Blackhawks.

William Carrier absolutely obliterates Connor Murphy from behind. Easy penalty, right? Maybe even a five minute major? Nope. No call on the play.

I'm all for rough and tough playoff hockey, but let's at least get some consistent officiating can we?