Carson Soucy reveals what he said to Connor McDavid after crosscheck

Soucy reacts after his actions cost him playing in tomorrow's Game 4.

Michael W.

The verdict is in from the National Hockey League Department of Player Safety, as Vancouver Canucks defenseman Carson Soucy has been suspended for tomorrow night's Game 4 against the Edmonton Oilers after he crosschecked Connor McDavid in the neck following the final buzzer in last night's Game 3. 

Soucy's case was likely bolstered by the DPS's assessment that there was no malicious intent to injure McDavid. McDavid had received a cross-check from behind by Nikita Zadorov a split second earlier, causing him to lurch forward and making his neck the primary point of contact with Soucy's stick as he fell.

Earlier today before the decision was rendered, Soucy admitted that he'd already had the hearing and was awaiting word on his fate for the next game. 

"I had the hearing, just waiting on a decision," he said. Ultimately it's up to them. It was unfortunate incident due to some timing, that's really all I'd like to say on it. Obviously there was no intent to get a player up that high...I think we can leave it at that, hopefully."

Soucy then said that he apologized to the heated McDavid for what transpired, trying to tell the Oilers superstar captain that there wasn't any intent to catch him in the throat with his stick. 

If you can see after, it's kind of almost apologizing and saying I didn't mean to get that high," Soucy explained. "He obviously was fired up because, like I said, it looked bad and it probably felt bad. But ultimately, I was like 'Hey, there was no intent to get you up that high, just emotions run high in those scrums at the end of the game.'" 

Before learning his fate, Soucy admitted that it would "suck" to have to miss any time due to a suspension, but that he'd respect the decision.

"Ultimately, it's up to them, and I'll respect their would suck at this time, in a tight series like this, in a physical series," he said. "I know guys will step up if that's the case, but yeah, it would suck to have to watch your team." 

Soucy, who has registered four assists in the nine postseason games that he's skated in so far, will be eligible to return to the Vancouver lineup in Game 5 later this week when the series shifts back to Vancouver's Rogers Arena.

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