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Carter Hart snaps after 6 - 1 loss to the Bruins.

Hart was not pleased after this one.


The Philadelphia Flyers suffered a rather humiliating loss at the hands of the Boston Bruins on Saturday night, a 6 - 1 route on the part of the Bruins that proved to be one of the more lopsided contests of the season thus far. 

Although there were unquestionably a number of factors that you could point to during the game when looking for reasons as to why things went so bad for the Flyers on Saturday, much of the blame seems to have fallen squarely on the shoulders of young Flyers goaltender Carter Hart. Now I certainly can't blame fans for pointing the finger at Hart after allowing 6 goals to the Bruins, it has not been the best start to the season for the Flyers number one goalie. Over 5 games thus far Hart has recorded a brutal 4.18 goals against average and an ugly .880 save percentage, a far cry from last season when he established himself as the Flyers top goaltender and did so presumably for the long term.

Although Hart's game has been lacking to start the season, if there was one silver lining that fans in Philadelphia could take away from this game was that Hart is clearly as upset as everyone else in regards to his performance. Following the ugly loss to the Bruins the 22 year old goaltender went ballistic almost immediately after the final horn was blown, turning on his net and beginning to whale away at the iron bars of his net with his goalie stick. 

The moment was not initially captured on the broadcast, at least not for more than a brief second, but what was captured was the able ring of the post as Hart smashed his stick into those posts with a ton of force. The Flyers goalie gave it to the posts and the crossbar and only relented when his stick finally gave way and snapped into pieces of kindling all over the ice.

If Hart can find a way to channel this level of passion into getting his game back this season, I suspect it will only be a matter of time before we see him bounce back. 

Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.
Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.