Caught on tape: Marchand punches Caps’ Dillion right in the nuts!

Cup check!


Boston Bruins’ Brad Marchand got even. In every way possible. 

On Monday night, Marchand scored the overtime winner to even the first round series against the Washington Capitals at 1. And in the process, he made just to get his own justice on a few other things. 

When Marchand was taken down in a scrum during the first period of Monday’s OT win, he dropped Brenden Dillon with a questionable punch to the midsection. 

Let’s call it what it is : Marchand punched the poor guy in the nuts! 

Marchand scored 39 seconds into overtime for the Bruins, making up for two earlier penalties for post-whistle antics, one of which he got with this sneaky punch. 

The funny thing about Marchand is that head coach Bruce Cassidy dared to say he had matured while congratulating his player for the game-winning goal. But, sure, Marchand got back on the right track to score in overtime. 

“I think he’s matured enough now to not take himself out of the game. Maybe that would have been a game in the past he would’ve let it get to him and he wouldn’t have been an effective player, but he found his game and certainly a big part of the win with the overtime winner,” Cassidy said.

Marchand always offers fans the good, the bad and the ugly.