Cause of Alex DeBrincat-to-Detroit trade delay leaked

It sounds as though this is the reason why it hasn't been completed yet.



Fans of both the Detroit Red Wings and Ottawa Senators have been waiting on pins and needles of late, wondering what exactly the holdup of the deal that just about everyone assumed was a slam dunk done deal. 

As you know, DeBrincat is a native of the Detroit suburb of Farmington Hills, and by all indications, he wants to be able to suit up for his hometown team. 

And while it seemed like a potential deal between the two sides at the NHL Draft late last month was off the table, the rumors began to heat up once again after several key NHL insiders reported that significant progress was made. However, it sounds as though there is one key element that is holding up the progress of the deal. 

It seems as though Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman isn't exactly fond of giving DeBrincat a lengthy contract extension that would kick in next summer when his current deal, that has one more year remaining on it, comes to a close. 

This scenario did in fact play out earlier this year when it seemed as though Yzerman was playing a bit of hardball with captain Dylan Larkin regarding his contract extension, which would eventually be signed in early March. 

The good news for Red Wings fans is that based on these comments, it sounds as though there is a deal in place, but that a few more particulars need to be hammered out before fans in Detroit can rush to buy their new Alex DeBrincat jerseys.

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