Celebrities are loving Max Domi signing with the Leafs!

It's a homecoming of sorts.



Tie Domi remains one of the more beloved former members of the Toronto Maple Leafs in recent history, and despite his son Max having once suited up for the rival Montreal Canadiens and trolling his dad's team, Max is indeed now a member of the Leafs. 

Having split last season with the Chicago Blackhawks and the Dallas Stars, Domi agreed to join the Leafs and signed a one-year contract worth $3 million.

“It’s no secret that Toronto’s my hometown,” said Max, who was actually born in Winnipeg. “It’s where I grew up. My whole family still lives here. I spend my summers here. I was a Leafs fan growing up. I got to witness first-hand a lot of games, playoff games, with my pops growing up. Mats Sundin is like family to me as well.”

You can bet that Tie is excited for Max to be joining the Leafs - and he's not the only one. Both actor Mark Whalberg and NFL future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady have both reacted to the younger Domi taking his talents to Toronto: 

Source: Twitter