Chandler Stephenson ejected after brutal call from NHL officials.
Philippe Bouchard/CSM/Zuma  

Chandler Stephenson ejected after brutal call from NHL officials.

A brutal dive from Garnet Hathaway leads to an even worse call from the NHL officials on the ice.

Jonathan Larivee

If there was any justice in the world both the National Hockey League officials on the ice and Philadelphia Flyers forward Garnet Hathaway would be going to jail tonight for the terrible crimes they committed on the ice today.

On Saturday, Hathaway and the Flyers were taking on the Vegas Golden Knights when in the second period Hathaway decided that he was going to play a little soccer instead. After receiving a rather mild-looking crosscheck courtesy of Golden Knights forward Chandler Stephenson, Hathaway acted as though he has just been shot and plummeted down to the ice.

As if the acting job wasn't enough, he then clutched at his head, helmet and face as though he had been on the receiving end of one of the dirtiest cheap shots of the season.

Instead this was the reality:

The overhead replay makes this look like more of a push than anything, but Hathaway was selling it like his life depended on it.

To make matters worse for the Golden Knights, NHL referees Brian Pochmara and Morgan MacPhee would review this play and somehow determine that this was worthy of a 5 minute major and a misconduct, tossing Stephenson from the game.

As one would expect, fans have already taken to social media to ridicule this call from the NHL and its officials.