Chara drops Martin again after brutal hit from behind on teammate!



A few weeks ago when the Washington Capitals faced the New York Islanders, defenseman Zdeno Chara impressed fans when he dropped the gloves with Matt Martin.

I mean the guy is 44 years old! 

But we quickly forgot that fact again on Tuesday night when Chara once again went after Martin, this time to defend a teammate. 

Martin delivered a brutal and questionable hit from behind on Michael Raffl and Chara did not appreciate it. 

The giant blue liner did not waste time and went over Martin to remind him that even if the NHL was not going to make him pay for his move on Raffl, Chara would handle it. 

And he did get his point - and fists - across. Both players were sent to the penalty box for fighting; Martin was not penalized for his hit on Raffl. Check it out: 

Here is another look at the hit on Raffl: