Charles Barkley roasts Keith Tkachuk on Sunday night!

Charles Barkley roasts Keith Tkachuk on Sunday night!

Keith Tkachuk has been getting a lot of praise lately, but NBA legend Charles Barkley is bringing him back down to earth.

Jonathan Larivee

Former National Hockey League forward Keith Tkachuk has been getting a ton of praise in the media lately, but on Sunday night he was brought back down to earth by a legend of the National Basketball Association.

Keith has been getting a ton of praise off the back of an incredible run his son's team has gone on in the Stanley Cup playoffs, a run that began in the regular season almost immediately after Keith labeled his son's team 'soft.' That son is of course Florida Panthers star forward Matthew Tkachuk who has had an MVP-level performance for his team thus far in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

That praise came to a screeching halt on Sunday night though when TNT's Charles Barkley hit Keith with a cold dose of reality, all the while singing the praises of his Matthew.

"Well guys....the Hurricanes, Rod Brind'Amour I love you but ya'll in trouble," said Barkley matter-of-factly. "Mr. Tkachuk I might have to apologize, you might be better than your dad. I'm sorry to say it Keith, but Matthew might be better than you."

When listening to Barkley speak live you might have missed the fact that when referencing "Mr. Tkachuk" Barkley was actually talking about Matthew, whereas his dad just got the "Keith" treatment. Barkley is a hilarious and entertaining personality and this segment was no exception, and his genuine love of the sport of hockey bleeds through his every word when discussing the sport or its personalities.

Here's to hoping we get more of Sir Charles on the TNT broadcast.