Chris Kunitz makes a pretty fun use of the Stanley Cup.

That's pretty special!

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Winning the Cup is truly special. You get to lift the same piece of hardware the likes of Maurice Richard, Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier lifted in the past. Your name will be written on it for a long time and people will admire your achievement forever. 

One guy who's been around the block a lot with the Cup is Chris Kunitz. He's won the prestigious trophy four times so far and he had the chance to use it the way he wanted through the four subsequent summers. NHLers get to spend a few days with the Cup and many will pour alcohol in it, go crazy with friends and have a huge party. Kunitz took a pretty different path. 

Now that's something we can all cheer about! The Kunitz family is pretty lucky to eat their cereals out of this magnificent bowl because daddy is a proven winner. These are memories that will last forever, even if Kunitz has been moved to the Lightning and leaves Pittsburgh behind!